22 Years of Proven, Superior Science and Technology, Delivering First-in-Class, Full Spectrum Environmental Control and Odor Elimination To The Portable Sanitation Industry.

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PortaClear is NOT:

  • a deodorizer
  • a chemical
  • formaldehyde
  • a microbial
  • an enzyme
  • an emulsifier
  • a detergent
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What is PortClear and How Does it Work?

PortaClear has been developed for the portable sanitation industry from a 22 year-old proven, municipal wastewater treatment technology. PortaClear is a non-chemical, sustainable, all-natural, trade-secret, liquid formulation. PortaClear is a bio-catalyst that works on a biological level, which incapacitates the microbial production of noxious gases, vapors, odors, and corrosive elements while generating biological pre-digestion.


Use of PortaClear will improve relations and compliance with municipal and private dumpsites because PortaClear transforms your entire system into an accelerated biological digestion pre-treatment process.

Odor Control is not considered an operational challenge UNTIL Odor Elimination is witnessed and experienced.


Elevate Your Operations And Client Satisfaction To A Higher Standard In Portable Sanitation Environmental Control And Odor & Corrosion Elimination, While Also Implementing An Environmentally-Sound And Sustainable, Non-Chemical Solution!



Pumper Truck Tanks | Toilets | Trailers | Holding Tanks | Urinal | Dumpsite Relations

  • Environmental Control
  • Odor Elimination (H2S/Urinal Ammonia)
  • Vector Control / Fly-Maggot Elimination
  • Improved Relations and Compliance with Dumpsites
  • Best Practices
  • Improved Client Experience
  • Employee Retention
  • Quality of Life Improvement
  • Non-Chemical & All Natural
  • Environmentally Sound
  • Sustainable
  • Non-Staining
  • Positive Effects on Mounding


PortaClear is shipped in concentrate.
The world already has enough drums and totes.
We ask our clients to recycle drums and totes.
* 2.5-Gal
* 5-Gal
* 55-Gal Drums
* 275-Gal Totes
Introductory Proof Package $499
(Inquire for details.)
Want toImprove Your Operations and Client Satisfaction?

PortaClear is the solution!